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being often found at once, or in succession, in the same patient ; some are

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Skin, p. 169.) Dr. Green, in his Conipendkmi on Cutaneous Diseases, re-

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publishers of Dr. Condie's book, any commendation of its mechanical

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until the large doses mentioned had been used. In no instance

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Electricity, acupuncture, or repeated blisters may be employed.

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parts of the world, especially in the United States. Various means

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tion, and can be rapidly coated by a continuous catgut suture, thus entirely

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portant in relation to blood pressure, and great alterations may be produced

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A Contribution to the Study of the Nervous Phenomena uf Ty-

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When not severe, it may be relieved by the application of cold to the

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lips, while occasionally a somewhat deceptive coloration of

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Jackson (E. S.) What etfect has the F. sanguinis ho-

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this disease is very tardy in its progress under ordi-

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are calling for nearly 1 .4 trillion dollars in cuts over the next seven years, of which 353

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tween the same vertebra; as before, and consisted of

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isolation and care of those already here. All immigrants should

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Of all the sources of obstinate bleeding from the urethra, the

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The temperature in poliomyelitis is usually higher at the onset, but

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Thus, having rated over again all the signal stations in

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of typhoid fever. It is recognized that the typhoid

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varying degrees of intensity, first in the scleras, then in the skin and

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circumstances or inclination of the patient, it is the only

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resulting from the operation of these causes on persons in

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1st and 2d we have '^the operator, locality, date, age, social state, adhe-

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or in the bladder. Circumcision and meatotomy being indi-

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Medical Research, edited by Flexner, S., and Holt, L. E., in Studies from

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atony or paralysis of the bladder, may be relieved by strych-.

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gitis. This complication occurs in the mild, as well as in the severe

antabuse is a medication for those with alcoholism which

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before malignancy becomes established. I believe it would be a

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into whi(;h it could not be brought again. The arm was shortened from eight to

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