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We represent by the lines AB and A C respectively the directions
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often dangerous operation. It was necessary to place the horse in
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posal in a campaign. Such animals are difficult and expensive to
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for Life Insurance. My paper was promised for the annual
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which it causes in the sweat glands and the subsequent rapid evapora
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he feared he was encroaching on the supporting nasal
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establish the basis of a precise determination of the characters indi
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ciated in the same individual. It is not my purpose
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Their ages were eleven and three and one half years. The
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larly charged with steam generated on a small alcohol stove to
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patient made a slow but good recovery. In this con
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the extrinsic origin of cancer is not universally accepted
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which to enlarge. In support of this hypothesis Baumgarten
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to obtain them and appreciate their duration in all the varieties of
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voluminous produces an abnormal convexity of the region when it is viewed
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wounds. Sometimes the animal loses his equilibrium falls down and twists the
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to the mucous membrane and no return of hemorrhage caused.
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anaesthetic wound remained in good condition drainage was
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side that the restlessness will give place to calm
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of so much importance. In order that another examination may not
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operations. In those cases a transverse incision could be
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kept for two weeks in my laboratory at about F. All sunlight