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testicular region are numerous and varied we will only review them

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demonstrates in fact that the femoro tibial angle always has a wider

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entrance to the body. Personal and social conditions had

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the public press of a story attributing the death of

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tionally the digestive organs were synergistic. Infection

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of blood and with weak action of the heart in collapse with

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connective tissue abundant. When carried to the extreme these char

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complete report will be published as soon as possible

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worthy basis for any statement pro or con as to the

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claimed better results after this operation as shown by

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even when the fall in the erythrocytes was from five

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inal type is an aid to circulation and tends to reduce

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interspersed amongst the other lesions. The patient

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gratulated upon having sucli excellent institutions and so

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were about to be realized in this city. It must be said

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Length of the Step of the Trot. It is extremely difficult to

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branch of the natural sciences which is by far the most

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bladder it is scarcely necessary to go into all the theories and

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g. The brown bay finally is almost black. It might even be

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perfectly sound horses employ it with great facility and would Avill

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the results of specific treatment not only in the child

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ever it appeared that the boy had been well until he was

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had observed that at once there was a disappearance

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tive text which accompanies them one may gain a very

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recollect having at one time or another treated what

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by the names heavy draught horses horses of force. Their value is

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results are apt to follow doses so small that they need

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troubles and the many disturbances to which they give an

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ber between one and ten then one between eleven and

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rectional agencies are under municipal control it is

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greatest accuracy the marks of time the teeth of solipeds are without

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placenta pr evia is comparatively simple. The effort

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b. The width of the middle region can be easily determined by

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rather than to one which in a word encroaches much upon the arm.

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was held by Dr. Vander Veer if I remember right where we

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abstain from all extraneous means of excitement such as cracking the