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The results obtained by Dr. Balfour arrest of the disease
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the patient may have exaggerated the intensity of her pain to
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and presenting a series of orifices of the excretory ducts ducti Eiviniani.
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observation and examine the same types over and over again until the
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tion of neoplasms which may have with them according to our colleague.
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having considered the recommendations of the General Medical
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especially where pumping is also necessary is not as yet
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again for the space of a month yet geologists soberly assure
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fourteenth day. On examining growth after removed weight twenty
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where on both sides of the Atlantic medical men were
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lightens the load of the heart but starves it. Oxygen both
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their contiguous faces and produces here ordinarily a very oblique bevelling.
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Association of Members and to the Association of Fellows of
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In judging of the details one should begin with the limbs and end
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gredient which is absorbed with difficulty and makes a
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middle turbinal bone may produce a fracture involving the
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of a theory and the theorists have committed the error of arguing
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one does not know whether to attribute the trouble to in
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the prevention and cure of disease has not only followed in
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a process. In the treatment of hysteria it is above all
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hearing for portions of the scale with lacuna between in
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Dr. Littlejohn closing the discussion said that in tell
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