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this line passes almost through the centre of the joint. The ilio ischial
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frontoparietal region about one and one half or two
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operation about fifty minutes. Operation performed Decem
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as the cardiac sphincter of the stomach. Undoubtedly the
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always proportional to the speed acquired which is itself in direct
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medium to employ in chronic hepatic affections. By its action it stimulates the
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through the large intestine sixteen to eighten hours. If
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cases. Since man is a living animal the science of medicine
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sphincter ani. He further states that we have been misled
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here into more minute details relative to the numerous variations which
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profits much by taking account of certain familiar patholog
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quency of albuminuria in children presumably normal and
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tested by animal experiment. The conclusions are given
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then are essential since without them the generator of force cannot be
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tantly and at last openly admitted and published to the medi
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tions leads to the discovery of facts previously unobserved
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the careful observation and exhaustive investigation of de
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marked cases always went back to childhood but did not
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that the cause of the disease was an organism allied to
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more than the dimensions which imj ress us at first. To make this
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violent efforts the prolonged duration of the daily work the inclem
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The Medical Society of Victoria. The Australian Medical Gazette vols.
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moral symptoms. The essential feature was the weaken
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moves this region in every direction the second extending to the forearm and
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by good function of the knee and increasing flexion. In the
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patient became toxic rigidity of the abdominal wall might
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stubl y muscular regular and round in form close to the ground he
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his friend will still further add to this difficulty.
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course only qualified dental surgeons are to be eligible
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are used every day. And as this defect does not render the horse
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The following conclusions are derived from the study of this
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was of the opinion that operative measures were called for
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to support the body and are symmetrically disposed in eath biped in
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Having learned what is known of the structure and work
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body are less gentle. The former have besides the advantage of
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Dr. William Litterer of Nashville Tenn. said it was
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Before proceeding I cannot but emphasize an important
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required rest and improved nutrition. Those who had
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C. E. Barnett in which treatment with autogenous vac
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quite elementary ne. t it omits almost all technical de
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tliat in most instances the development of one of the elements of an