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observed in horses that are indolent of a lymphatic temperament and

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given in the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal of March

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First the main basal principle is that bacterial infec

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quently was coupled with indicanuria. If there was simul

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backward. This is a somewhat common deformity to which the name

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fourth lateral sinus thrombosis. Both of the latter made

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tion both being partly remediable but in a greater part

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other forms of treatment than hysterectomy He believed

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for malpractice in which the same discrepancy of opinion was

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of less regular form we place the geldings and mares of com

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vision previous to the operation was normal and twelve days

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of knowledge there are some of which we have already treated and

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to the anatomy questions are inadequate In answer to

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Medical Society of Paris on the treatment of the or

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truths regarding sanatorium treatment truths too often

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stand. This led to investigations and the plan of applying

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an honor to which no one could be indifferent and he

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have discovered and experiment founded on these deduc

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commencement of the men lt trual flow. Diagnosis The

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necessary work being done and artistic ideals being left

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growth in its lower portion through this incision a second

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and particularly for the erection of tuberculosis sanatoria

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tonics particularly these applicable to an overwrought and much weak

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A Successful Case of Caesarean Section. By T. Gaillard

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Lucke s Erysipelas Treatment. Winckler. Wiener Medicini

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October. He commenced the study of medicine by attending a

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O. A. Lothrop has reported on the late results of cases

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tion signed by two of their Teachers Members of the College.

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ways and it was demonstrated that it had a surprising in

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they result from traction or partial lacerations of the tendinous fibres during the

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The trial of the mounted horse should always be made with the

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to pretend that it depends exclusively upon one particular osseous

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ends of the incision slant to the wound instead of away