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chances of introduction of fresh infection are very much lessened.

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cal organisms those which do not have to be cultivated for

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relative frequency in certain living types and in the

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lute diagnosis. Instead of moving actively like the

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A horse may have been subjected to an operation destroying his

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is collected it is of a dirty greenish color and is

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torant and an aid to the resolution of the exudation in the air

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we should still urge him to drink it at regular intervals.

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is expected of it if it is not over worked but any change

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edged his indebtedness and which he delighted to honor.

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proved. Two cases of nervous dyspepsia were unimproved

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there had been no sphenoidal cells. In twenty one there had

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a companion to any text book this volume will serve a

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Thickness. Authors have said but little upon the thickness

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Glasgow are admissible to the Membership of this College under the Bye Laws

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are as follows When introduced into the animal body

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employ horsemen and empirics who practice its ablation. It is easily understood

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Examinations in Medicine and Midwifery as provided by Section XXV. or havin

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urethral tube projecting about one or two centimetres. Above the latter is the

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the internal carotid which are connected by the anterior

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gravely diseased animals they are often arched and have lost suppleness.

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service should be dispensed with and in this event