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number of very small stones and three quite large ones as

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of formulation. The impossibility of predicating the degree

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best the figures in the tables are but approximations

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more importance and acquired a greater value. The inauguration of

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the train of more exact diagnosis but in certain directions

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son alone the routine removal of all such tumors is in

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result but there had never been a suspicion of tuberculosis.

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nosis and operative treatment. Ho felt certain that

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ployed was to apply the lips to the mouth of the child only

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which signifies energy vigor a perfect adaptation of the motor to its

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sufficient number of the classical features of pure

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physician is placed in a position directly opposite to that

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Medical Congress has been effected in that country Vice president

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from three to four the additional Examiner to be appointed by

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The inoculation was tried in three other persons with similar

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the nitrogen in solution was retained by the filtering material.

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the temperature falls the temperature is taken every three

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four patients in which this has been done the results could

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Dr. George F. Cott of Erie county will read a paper on

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termined in the matter of bibliography aud out of consideration for

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capacity by will. I must avoid giving the reasons why a certain

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amount vomited at first is small later it may amount

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organs of an animal dead of anthrax. This might have been

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the parents of the many steps necessary if we cannot diag

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the morbid condition these same agents or elements modified

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the Accounts of the College other than as at present in the College


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conviction of Mr. Goold if the original letter from the Registrar

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The observer however will be very much mistaken if he accords

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ing but given this a properly pasteurized milk was a

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penis and along perineum pain after urinating urinates

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passage in his work complained of by the Council he had no idea

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an infusion of dried violet flower is of benefit as a sedative

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tions possession to be taken on his death. Since the deed was made

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In the pursuit of its legitimate end medicine must study

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delusion and the everlasting and unreasoning but excusable impatience

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Treasurer of the Society longer than any other officer officiating in

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by the four members of a trained horse whose gait was regular and

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call attention to. It has been a particularly interesting one to

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manometer. The points of the first diminution of the flow

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Journal of the American Medical Association May igio.

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tant factor in this whole matter I take it is a nice estimation

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should be used only after tracheotomy and the attempted

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these cases. Trinitin was given in this case and then

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gards the diseased udder as the principal source of

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mitted but to ganglionic cellular changes produced by a

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that infantile paralysis and acute polioencephalitis are iden

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report their opinion thereon to the next Meeting of the Council.

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or such as arise from other lesions within the genito urinary

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he setting in. Dr. Coe confessed to a considerable degree

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professional friends who have enjoyed much his association.

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formed. The concha and meatus should be smeared with

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doubt the qualities which make special motors of them imply some physi

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energy. Yet we have known for several years excellent horses which

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joining two points situated the one above the other below the two

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ContaipousneBS of Influenza. Dr. Richard Sisley has recently

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