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dition. Many authorities laid stress upon the danger
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hence a careful microscopic study of every sample of
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in their first labor for it is in this type of women that
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lated in the ventricles and subarachnoid space and to
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structive study of a large series of cases occurring
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sinuses belong may be diagnosticated with a fair de
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are to S in thickness. This organism seems to be an
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which can fill these indications. That the oils destroy
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second stage there is dullness over the affected parts
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nerves in the intervetebral foramina and is felt at their
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sis paralyzes the energy of the patient still more can
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to abolish the midwife and that the problem therefore
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proximal side of the ureter which could not be cathe
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when a child she had had no other illness until the
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sistent digitigrade progression means weight bearing
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general we could take up for separate consideration
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Professor Madelung attempts a study of the surgery of
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and supinate on the left side without impairment of
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five years ago and that his first results were published
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lege and all of the members of the faculty who have
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extension of the head in the direction of least resistance
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in incipient cases of tuberculosis. Primary tubercu
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shown that there was a close resemblance between the
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cian who was properly responsive to his moral obliga
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risk of being considered a fossil upon the continu
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corresponded with the average age of the class. The
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diagnosis rested in the bacteriological findings of
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and whooping cough. Debilitated and cachectic states
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cult to assign the credit for this relatively good re
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drug internally is as efficient as the autoserum therapy.
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demonstrable or even large process. In this connec
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to say that probably less than one half of all cases of
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the stomach is empty a shadow in the form of an irregular
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the diet to suit the needs of different patients and
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nothing There are days when she feels as though she
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ployee such medical and surgical or other attendance
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stage ends. As a rule patients who have been quiet be
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program contains the titles of seventy three papers.
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poral decompression is performed the following week
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the whole conception of the pathologic physiology of
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thesis the unusual rather than the trite whether he