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in detail the results of his own clinical tests with europhen.
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ment of sleep administration of cardiac stimulants main
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The British Association for the Advancement of Science. Report of the Fifty
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that at which the amendment was introduced and pro
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Pounds in the whole without incurring any of the Penalties in any Statute
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A stallion called Le Commode some twenty years of age and placed
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marked in the pincers and often indistinct in the remaining incisors.
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strate the present existence of putrescent material or show
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belch and perceived the grassy odor of the gases ejected by the animal.
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be bathed in an aquous solution of carbolic acid after each move
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by the public Vaccinators under the Local Government Board of
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or less remote symptoms such as headaches vertigo nausea
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into a toxic and a nontoxic group. The toxic portion is
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Diploma of Member under the old Regulations as well as the Second Examination
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dations for amendments to the constitution and by laws
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