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The editor acknowledges with thanks the following pamphlets
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be mixed with the milk of the whole herd as it usually
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Charles William Mansell MorLLix GO Wimpole street W.
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The city water became transparent and perfectly colorless and
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excoriated by the contact of the harness. The presence of these cicatrices
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use of the thoroughbred horse which experience has always shown to
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hour. Exposure to steam not less than one hour the steam
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The largest of these horses are those used by the French express
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pneumonia bronchitis etc. but the present bacillus so extraordi
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nuiseles are dense firm and habituated to repeated energetic and
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ties of the rigid radio metacarpal segment. The fetlock is strongly
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c. The ordinary sorrel recalls the color of cinnamon not only
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to the rider as to the horse himself. Scapular obliquity usually accom
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erties. After determining that the typhoid bacillus grew best in broth
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All these facts demonstrate that science does not know the exact
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in front of the aortic behind the junction of the third rib
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remaining only pain in the back and limbs and a feeble
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by physiological and metabolic experiments that but
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patients should be watched carefully after the operation
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extract of liver obtained from a syphilitic fetus and
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ease being found only by systematic search. The oc
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ishment is sufficient to sustain life for any length of
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ley Cal. read this paper. He considered the four chief
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ment should be given in small and frequent doses together with
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pyramidal tract somewhere between the cortex of the brain
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is a direct cardiac poison depressing the heart muscle and
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it is necessary to practise it often and consequently to observe much
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the surface only and that cooking would destroy them.
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ascertain that tlie pressure f the feet upon the ground must be
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will find that his practice is dwindling and that his patients
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lar appreciation. At the same time the urgent demand is
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not sufficiently salient and then becomes effaced loio dropped or sunken.
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to put on an elastic bandage from the tip of the extremity
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contradictory statements that may be found in the older jour
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to a twelfth indicating a vast improvement in a water at that
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effects of the above named classes Which drug will relieve