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years was a most beneficent and timely one. In rebuttal
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the disease as secondary to the condition of the patient.
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a. If the incisive arcade is composed of teeth of the first or
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exigencies demanded by the nature of the work which the animal must
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years. The futile workhouse method would be displaced.
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spray of Dobell s solution may be used. If the pain con
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In general in pleasure horses the darker coats especially the black
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same electromotive force simultaneously in two circuits.
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We are mistaken as to the very essence of the question itself if
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and thick articulations they must be closed in their su erior angles
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bers and the abdomen has a good conformation. If the withers are
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tion. Fever unless very high which is unusual unless due to
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the intensity of the resistance. Consequently any anatomical disposi
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complications in other parts than the lungs may be more or less
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would be any difference in the sick report under those
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Gastrotaxis. W. Hale White reviews Bolton s article
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Puerperal Eclampsia Studied with Reference to Pathogenesis
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must cut. In the removal of glands he cuts with the edge
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This region is divided into four faces an anterior a posterior and two
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from the better classes who frequently need little medicine but much fresh
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From an industrial point of view the adult period is by far the
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mation or softening. But the mechanical and psychic effects are often
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is not very exceptional. The insertion of fibrous naso
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the pancreas were involved and after excision the part of
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line the left is always more inferior and more posterior than the right.
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was poor over the entire left side the breath sounds were
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order that its coloration may be feasible. When the Red
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The presence of a lymphocytosis is of considerable value
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he uses or what means he adopts of closing it after the
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superior incisors. He will see little by little the free portion of the
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coagulate the albumen and thus impair what little nutritive value the ex
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of treating tuberculous adenitis in all its varieties af
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developed however as evidently the collateral circulation
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medium reaches but two and a half heads according to Bourgelat s
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may mention the following The Immigration law passed by the last
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