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autopsies. The patients were all under three years of age.

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The next simplest theory is the chemical one. That such

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thetical laboratory products used in the materia medica and the

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be confusing to distinguish it from apericardeal rub. It may

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with some success by injections of detoxicated virus.

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left to the discretion of friends or the family. It should be definitelv

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Dr. Collins objections to Freud s theory and practice

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placing a large soft pad wrung out of hot sterile salt

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this manner the uneasiness and pain which he suffers. AVe do not

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Beauties. In order to be in the most favorable conditions for

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Oxygen is supplied indirectly by the increased aeration of blood

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but too often overlooked or attributed to stupidity on

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to that thread. The tract was then dissected free and the

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To the orjjans charged with the secretion of the semen is annexed

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they weighed the anterior kilogrammes the posterior. In this ca.se the distribution

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should be operated on by the buccopharyngeal method.

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peutic agents. Several ophthalmologists have lately publi