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Some very notable improvements upon the first edition have been
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the angle of the fetlock already begins to open in consequence of the
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submitting to the proper authorities the alterations in the Charters
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no respiratory movements of the chest walls during the
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It has for its anatomical base the metacarpo or the metatarso phalangeal
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Wounds or lacerations of the mucous membrane the result
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which cannot deceive the attentive and educated observer it is not the
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Vertical distance between the summit of the croup and that of
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for their qualities as incitant Sulfonal is a pure hypnotic and gives
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In the opposite conformation A OB the croup will appear longer but will
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Dr. JuDSON Daland of Philadelphia called attention to
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professional knowledge is his property and that the simple
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the metatarsus during station diminishes the amplitude of the step by
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knee jerks were intact and the mental condition was
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under this cold water treatment there was increased elimina
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molars of the horse were comparable to millstones which incessantly rub against
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The abolition of this rule would somewhat unfairly shorten the
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Unless further observation should confirm the investi
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result wounds and inflammatory affections the effects of which are so
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The muscles are all dilators. In some mammiferous aquatic animals as
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elevating it to a level with the corresponding eye. The latter if vision
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to its volume is generally cylindrical in those animals that are well
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There are horses which in the trot forge almost at each step. We
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recognized that it was but a short step to use such
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she dragged him for some distance over the stony ground. A remarkable fact
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sions which are produced by the roughnesses of the soil. He should
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points that tractions and irritations are conveyed to the periosteum and inflame
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soft and doughy to the touch. The pelvis of one of the
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the oil which is sold as olive is in reality refined cotton seed
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cates great length and a beautiful obliquity of the thigh and great ease
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pital when a service was held in the chapel and a re
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the stomach with a per cent solution of boric acid in
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may think himself excusable if he does nothing else but at
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flaccid or spastic paralysis ataxia and troubles of
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Hence it is that the habitual employment of the flying trot contributes
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