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toms of the golden age, will not the entire preparation of food by Gre be

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1S97, Bd. vi., lift. 4) reports thirteen cases of pregnancy compli-

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in charge of the case believed that this tumour was the spleen,

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therapeutics at the National Cancer Institute. Doctor

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in drunkards who arc continually taking alcholic liquids. Of 13 indi-

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management of young children, and the proper method of treat-

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The next note in Mello Moraes's " Chronica " to record an epidemic

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the proportion of sugar may be approximately estimated.

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resulting from a gastric disturbance, and the condition had been

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in the iliac fossa. In one, the abdomen was opened and the clot

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the experience of forty years, close attention to business, into my

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parisons are always odious ; and a superfluous amount

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Newbern, where they disembarked, and marched seven miles to-

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usual prevalence, a circumstance which is, j hernias ; but few, however, of the patients

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Headlee, C Raymond, 12505 Gremoor Rd, Elm Grove 53122

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doses for two or three weeks. Quinine was not introduced until 1820.

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the height of jaundice is reached within the 1st week, while in severer

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glands while the blood was still circulating. On cutting through the diaphragm

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AiLtopsy. — The blood is dark and incoagulable, and is effused among

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Rise of temperature takes place with the first disturbance of the

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&Bul. No. 88, p. 16, Central Experimental Farm.

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waste. The result has been that last year on this sewage field

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In my paper on the " Epieondyloid Foramen, etc.," published