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attack of left hemi-numbness — face and body. There was only very slight
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fiintiion. He then digresses slightly, and argues that thought
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controlling the motor synergies in just as painstak-
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next, to the blood. On preserving, in the cold, the organs
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to be suckled, is from twenty-one to twenty-four months. This interval, be it
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on people : some had neuralgia, some headache, some catarrh, and
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-■ Arch. f. Lanjng. u. RhinoL, Bcrl.. 1910, xxiii, p. 59.
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and in two weeks afterwards he had retention again,
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produced by mercurial frictions ; but in aid of the
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The deaths in the nineteenth ward arc reduced a fraction less than in 1861,
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forty-eight hours, when he applied ice-cold cloths to the
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to be sometimes attributable to exposure to cold, and fatigue from over-
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the hemisphere was normal, while the lesions observed were confined to
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pneumothorax, and of the line of conduct to be followed after the
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The only other treatment has been mild gargles and a
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had begged her to have removed time and again. At tins time I examined her;
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I had reason to believe that a piece of metal was still in it. As
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ITonu^'s iiioeulatioiis because the symptoms ap[)(;ar(»(l so early as
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established and the American saloon took the place of
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the latter of which, at least, shall have been in the college making the remission, and to theo-
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proposals for the destruction of impregnable fortresses and for-
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would, in the opinion of the Council, be fatal to its success.
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stroying noxious bacteria ; it lies in so acting on the casein
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8. Field of vision is tested separately for each eye. Place the candidate with
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either for hysteria, or epilepsy, or catalepsy, etc.,
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