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that the feet of each biped anterior or posterior are on a transverse
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axUl and the inter axillary region and on each side by the arm.
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The more recent layers have a deeper coloration the tint of the obliterated
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struck by the posterior. Hence the race horse not considering his
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cause an evident constraint and induce too often a persistent lameness. Most
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the sigmoid and the entire rectum in one the prostate
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and the loins short especially in saddle and pack horses. This point
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action completely for one minute. That stopped respiration
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the left hand upon the dorso lumbar region being careful not to stand
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early and late syphilis the effect of mercury treatment
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I was much surprised that Dr. Hennessey did not speak of quinine
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sity. He was elected to the chair of physics in the
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blemishes. In other words we have employed a system of analysis in
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glands which secrete a sebaceous material of a strong and disagreeable odor
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in five of these families comprising fourteen individu
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well in describing the fundamental principles applicable to
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medium by the combination of the principal elements of the heavy
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curacy which was marvellous and by an exercise of the
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different segments they push against the trunk at a given moment
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person received less than two treatments of two injections
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spots which are due to the absence of the cutaneous pigment and to
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in case of the business thereof not being concluded as aforesaid.
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Though he fulfilled his social engagements in Paris
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needless to insist upon the advantages of these peculiarities it stands
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When the member as a whole is deviated inward from the ver
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in this country. One point that is important in his operation
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ception deserves mention only from simple curiosity it is in fact more
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troublesome and the patient may feel quite well although of
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Addenbrooke s Hospital. Derbyshire General Infirmary. Devon and Exeter